Guest Blogger–V.M.K. Fewings–The Cover Says It All

Now it’s time for my third guest. I’m so happy V.M.K. Fewings accepted to do this blog when I asked her. She is a delightful lady, one pretty fantastic author, and a sweet, dear friend.

I met her online last year when I read her novel “Stone Masters: A Vampire’s Reckoning” and fell in love with her unique, mesmerizing writing style and her complicated and multi-dimensional characters. They literally jumped out at me on more than one occasion, shocking and bewildering me. I cheered for the heroes and the heroine and yes, I even cheered for the antagonist, Orpheus.

In March, she will bring him back in her second book “Orpheus: A Vampire’s Rise”. It’s a prequel to the first book. We get to see why he became (as I call him) the most complicated and misunderstood vampire ever born (or unborn depending on how you see it).

To have edited her stories was nothing less than pure pleasure. She is a great author to work with.

After reading her blog, why don’t you head on over to her website and get to know more about her and her writings at:

And so now I present to you V.M.K. Fewings’ piece….

The Cover Says It All

By V.M.K. Fewings

Thank you, Gio, for inviting me over here as a guest blogger! I’m also delighted to get the chance to say a public thank you for being such an awesome editor. Gio edited both of my books and with her expert guidance, played a big part in making sure this vampire series is a smooth read and historically accurate.  Gio’s also a writer, so working with someone of that caliber makes the experience all the more pleasurable.

After spending just over a year writing my first novel Stone Masters: A Vampire’s Reckoning, I held my breath, hoping that the cover would reflect the storyline and entice readers to discover my beloved characters and make them their own. When renowned artist Rochelle Heagh Phister agreed to design the art cover, I was excited to see what she’d come up with.  I’ve been a fan of Rochelle’s for some time, and her paintings have this unique way of drawing out the mystical countenance of her subjects. She brilliantly captures their haunting likeness.

Prior to painting the cover, Rochelle read my first novel and then over the following weeks worked her magic and brilliantly captured the paranormal presence of two of the main characters. She flawlessly rendered Jadeon’s intensity, mirroring his enduring dignity, and hinting at his ceaseless poise, cultivated over centuries. And sitting regally at his feet is Catherine, her bewitching beauty and self-sustaining strength masterfully crafted by Rochelle. With Stone Masters, I set out to pen a classic vampire novel, providing all the darkly gothic aspects of the genre that I adore, and I couldn’t have asked for a better cover. I once told Rochelle that when I look at her paintings, I glimpse what seems to be her subject’s soul looking back at me, and Rochelle immediately understood, and reflected how she experiences the extraordinary perfection of each person she paints.  Very often at my book signings, people recognize her work and some even mention that they own a painting or two of hers.

When the time came to create the cover art for my second novel Orpheus: A Vampire’s Rise, Rochelle and I discussed the many possibilities. I mentioned how I’d love to have something similar to Reconciled, which is one of her most popular pieces. I was thrilled when Rochelle generously offered the painting itself as the featured cover. This exotic portrait of a man and woman passionately embracing, surrendering in each other’s arms, perfectly reflects the sensuousness of my novel which makes me all the more excited with the impending March release.

Writing Orpheus was such a blissful experience, and I’m so grateful that I had the pleasure of working with an editor like Gio and that we have Rochelle’s extraordinary gift to showcase the book.

Rochelle’s work can be viewed at

1- How did the story “Stone Masters: A Vampire’s Reckoning” come to be? What was first to be born in your mind, the story or a character?

Although I’d thoroughly enjoyed writing as a child, I gave it up to pursue a career in Nursing and Midwifery. Years later, I heard a small, quiet voice nudging me to write again, and Jadeon Artimas, a two-hundred-year-old vampire, kept hanging around my imagination. My muse beseeched me to tell Jadeon’s story and that adventure unfolded as Stone Masters: A Vampire’s Reckoning. Rediscovering the joy of writing has changed my life in so many wonderful and exciting ways.

2- Why did you decide to make the second book “Orpheus: A Vampire’s Rise” in the series a prequel and not the sequel?

Orpheus had been around for well over four centuries before Jadeon was born, so his story evolved naturally as a prequel. The third novel, which I’m currently writing, is the sequel to Stone Masters: A Vampire’s Reckoning and picks up minutes after Stone Masters ends.

3-Which is your favourite character in the series?

Each character is special to me and I love them all equally. I’m drawn to Jadeon’s brooding allure and his serenity. I adore Alex’s sweetness and I’m enthralled by Orpheus’s complexity and dangerous sensuality.

4-Is there any era you wish to go back in time and experience?

There are many eras in the past that I’d love to visit, but if I had to choose one, it would be the 15th century because I’ve always held it close to my heart.

5-In a nutshell, what’s your philosophy in life?

At the risk of sounding simplistic, my philosophy is freedom. Freedom to create. Freedom to love. Freedom to live the life one chooses. And freedom to experience the realization of one’s dreams.

6-What was your first impression of the US when you came here from England years ago?

My first impression was the warmth of the country. America has a big heart. I was struck with the underlying passion for believing in oneself and quickly fell in love with California. I’m proud to now call it home.


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