Revamped Site and Two Free Reads

It’s my turn to blog. I’ve got a little news to post and then tomorrow author and relationship advice columnist, Lauren N. Sharman, will be my guest. I had a blast working with her on that post, so I hope you’ll get a chance to check it out then. She’ll also be offering readers a chance to win a PDF copy of one of her superb books.

It’s been loads of fun having guest bloggers. They may be my friends, but I am getting to see a whole new side to them I never knew, as are the readers, which is so cool.

Anyway, onto my news. First off, we’ve been working diligently to revamp my site. I believe the creators of Dreamweaver made this program for the sole purpose of boggling our minds. I have never worked with a more complicated program ever. But trial and error being our one and only crutch for a whole month, we finally figured our way through and managed to create a website we liked that didn’t give visitors eye strain. 🙂

If any author or artist would like us to post a banner or link back to his/her website or blog, just e-mail the info to: . Please put ‘Banner’ or ‘Link’ in the subject line so I’ll see it, since that e-mail account gets a lot of mail.

And the other bit of news is that I’ve posted a couple of my works on my site if anyone is interested in reading them. One is my dark poem “Frankenstein, My Father”, which was originally featured in my chapbook “Tribulations of Existence”. The other is my horror story “United We Fall”, which I wrote last year. It’s a wild and whacky story about two brothers, a banshee, her big, scary pet, and a camp trip that makes a trip through Hell look like a walk in a park.

I got the idea for that story after seeing a doll’s head sitting in a tree while I walked in the park with my kids. The doll’s eyes seemed to follow our every move. And that night, thanks to the spicy tacos I made for dinner, acid reflux played a number on my brain and a nightmare about that eerie doll’s head fermented in my mind. Thus the idea of this weird story began.

The link to check out the story and poem is:

So that’s it for tonight’s post.

Sweet dreams about banshees and creepy dolls’ heads, everyone. 🙂




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