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Belated Contest Winners Announcement and Updates

April 13, 2010

This blog was supposed to have been posted a couple of weeks ago, before Easter. But it seems the strings of life have been pulling me in a hundred directions and my highly distractible brain forgot about it until this morning.

It’s funny to see how forgetful I have become these past years. I used to have an amazing memory. Okay, not as good as my dad’s, brother’s or grandmother’s. Theirs was so unbelievably accurate that they could tell you the exact day, date, and time an event, even as insignificant as buying a sofa, happened.

My brother still has that amazing memory and I love to test him on it every once and awhile just to see if it’s still that sharp. I’ll ask him something as trivial as if he remembers when he first brought me to McDonald’s as a kid. And he’ll shoot out the day instantly, like as if his super organized brain knew exactly in which closet or drawer to look for the info. Incredible. Truthfully, he could be totally wrong because of course I don’t remember much about it, but he tells it with such conviction that I believe he’s right.

I wish I could get back my memory of yesteryears. I’ve tried doing daily memory games to improve it. They’ve helped, but if I don’t do them on a regular basis, my inoperable memory goes back to functioning at half mast.  So to compensate, I try to prepare to-do-lists. But frankly they don’t work because so many things happen in my day that deviate me from my bearings that the lists become useless.

So I continue to journey down this sea of everyday living with a half useless sailboat of a memory praying that I won’t forget anything important and hopefully, my family will remind me if I do. Of course, most of the time, they are as forgetful or absent minded as I, except my brother of course. And he lives far away. Too bad I couldn’t have gotten the sharp memory gene my father and brother inherited from my grandmother, I would have surely traveled far by now if I did, I’m sure.

Now onto the reason for the blog before I forget it again….

The winner of last month’s contest of the $20 Amazon gift certificate is Carolyn O.

And the winner of the PDF copy of Lauren N. Sharman’s “No Worries” is Rachel M.

Congrats to both winners and thanks to all who participated. 🙂

Another thing I forgot to post on my blog before is that I was a guest on Leeann Burke’s Blog. The post is titled “This is What Dreams Are Made of” and you can check it out at:

Okay I think that’s it for now. I’m sure I’ve forgotten something, maybe more than one thing, but I’ll probably never know it. 🙂

Have a fabulous week ahead, people.