Skeletal Remains Horror Anthology is available for sale.

Happy New Year!

Another year has come and gone and a new one took its place. Let’s hope this one is filled with good health, happiness, love and peace for everyone.

And with the New Year comes a new horror anthology “Skeletal Remains” edited by Keith Gouveia and published by Rymfire Books. My dark historical horror tale “In The Name of Science” is featured in it.

Here is the info and cover on the book:


The Skeleton—the supporting system for so many organisms. Rip off our skin, strip down the meat, and underneath we’re all the same. So why has the skeleton frightened us for so many generations? 

The answer may lie inside these pages.

From the iconic Grim Reaper to the dancing figurines celebrated in Mexico’s Day of the Dead, human skeletons have personified death. Often portrayed as mindless creatures summoned to do unspeakable things by their master, the skeleton is brutal in its simplicity. Much like the zombie, their strength is in numbers and their immunity to attacks that would only harm their non-existent flesh. Join these brave authors daring enough to put nightmare to paper and unearth these Skeletal Remains.

Jonah Buck • Lorne Dixon • Keith Gouveia • Giovanna Lagana • Lisamarie Lamb • Matt Peters • Suzanne Robb • Armand Rosamilia • Rebecca Snow

Only $2.99 eBook and $7.99 Print

available at: Amazon Kindle * Amazon Print * Lulu eBook * Lulu Print * Barnes & Noble * SmashWords

For more details you can check it out at:


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