Another cool anthology “The Snuff Syndicate” is now available for your reading pleasure

Another horror anthology “The Snuff Syndicate” edited by Keith Gouveia and published by Beating Windward Press is now out.

My very dark short story “The Calling” is featured in it along with other very fine tales for your reading pleasure and they are all intertwined with Keith’s own macabre and potent novella to make it a great read.

Here’s the cover, blurb and the publisher’s link with more details on it:


In a world where serial killers are usually isolated and disconnected, The Snuff Syndicate provides an online forum – made for them, by them.

For members, social media is a tool to share pure, murder-filled ecstasy. Killing is a business of painstaking details, and every killer, from novice to expert needs a place to go to see what others are doing, from the ways they select victims to the methods they use to bloody their hands. The Snuff Syndicate is where they can brag, ask for advice and revel in their most gratifying hobby.

The Snuff Syndicate offers readers a unique look into the gritty world of bloodletting. Keith Gouveia’s novella strings together eight disparate stories of serial killers. As his novella unfolds, it reacts to and intersects more and more with stories by C.A. Burns, Kevin Cockle, Lorne Dixon, Giovanna Lagana, Mark Onspaugh, Gerald S. Parker, Marsheila Rockwell, & J. T. Seate. This unique collaborative-anthology reads more like a multi-point-of-view novel rather than an anthology.




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